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tv   ABC7 News Weekly  ABC  August 1, 2010 11:35pm-12:05am EDT

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and we begin with the political rage in washington tonight, where a second prominent democratic member of congress faces ethics allegations, and with crucial midterm and elections approaching, republicans are pouncing, asking about what about the promise of the most ethical congress ever? >> speaker nancy pelosi offered no defense, keeping her distance from the ethics committee action. >> i am totally out of the loop. it is independent, confidential, classified, secret, whatever. we do not know. >> we do know that new york's charlie rangel faces charges that he hid income and avoid
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taxes, and now word that democrat, maxine waters may have helped a debate get a bailout money, a bank where her husband had some connection. >> we will keep a promise to drain the swamp that is washington, d.c. >> she has not kept a promise. the swamp is alive and well. but the democrats are relishing this. >> won the best ways to control congress is to say that the other guys are corrupt. >> allegations may make it even more difficult for democrats to maintain control in the house. the president came close to calling on the 18-year-old congressman to resign. >> i am sure what he wants is to be able to end his career with dignity, and my hope is that it happens. >> the hope is that these trials
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will drive on to the fall, for republicans. and congress is getting ready to take its august break, but first, they are getting some last-minute boats in. -- some last minute votes in. thanks for joining us. it was a very rough week for democrats. two house democrats accused of some pretty serious ethics violations. how is that going to affect them? >> it is obviously not a good thing when you have two very senior members, two very visible members, charlie rangel in new york and maxine waters in california, being charged on basic the corruption charges, in a lot of ways. some of these are minor charges, but there is a trial, and that will be bloody and dirty and not what democrats want to see going into the november
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election. >> is it possible this could stay in the minds of voters? >> 3 would be a huge problem. if one more major ethics scandal breaks, you will see a lot of, ironically, what democrats used against republicans in the 2008 cycle. you will probably see republicans use that line against democrats. >> the approval ratings for president obama are dipping. is this going to be a pattern? >> i think in some states, absolutely, and this is not a huge deal. remember, at the end of the term of george bush, many considered him an albatross, and some did not want him. obama is not there yet. he still has good approval ratings. >> just this past week, 80,000
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secret military documents were revealed. there was a whistle blower website, wikileaks, which has caused a huge outcry. we have heard secretary gates saying he was appalled by this. this is putting troops, nato troops, in danger. what is the fallout from this? >> we will have to see what happens. it was a wikileaks. we will see who gets charge, how serious the charges are. it was morally wrong for wikileaks to put out the information, but it is not for him to say. >> some would argue about the crucial proponents, does the state have a chance to go forward? >> absolutely. they have a chance. they are going to appeal in
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arizona. this will continue around the next couple of months. it is a very controversial, very divisive issue. >> all right, well, we will be watching. thanks so much for joining us. >> thanks for having me. president obama is celebrating his birthday this week, and he and the first lady will be in spain for the president's birthday, but he is asking for people to sign an on- line card. he turns 49 on wednesday. no word if he has any birthday plans. virginia governor bob mcdonnell is on the road, and he will hold eight town hall meetings around the state, first on wednesday in roanoke. he will go to fredericksburg. also fairfax, and bristol will be the final stop on august 31. fighting back against crime
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this week, tuesday marks the national night out, and millions are expected to take part in the campaign designed to promote crime prevention and strengthen neighborhood programs. a change of command at the u.s. naval academy is scheduled for this week. michael miller will relieve the vice admiral as superintendent korean the navy says investigations into irregularities will have an effect -- the vice admiral as superintendent. the navy says investigations are going on. and now in the hands of the jury, and the judge says the deliberations could take awhile in the case of rod blagojevich, and he said they could not taken consideration that blagojevich did not testify. he is accused of trying to sell president obama's former senate seat. >> in their judgment and common
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sense and decency, and, ultimately, it in the final analysis, patti and i have always had a deep and abiding faith in god. the prosecution says that he is not the naïve person that the defense says he is. actor charlie sheen is expected to face a judge in colorado, expected to plead guilty to a domestic violence charge for assaulting his wife korean prosecutors say he attacked his wife at knifepoint after she told him she wanted a divorce. it is hard to believe, but school will start in just a few weeks, and virginia wants to help you save some money. and a cancer diagnosis is difficult, but when you are a new parent, it is even more difficult. and if you want to hit the theaters, we will tell you what is new of box office.
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and we had a few showers earlier this evening, and it has cleared out, but we could have some
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uninsured people in the metro area will have the chance to see some professionals. there is a large clinical on wednesday from 11 decline in the morning until 7:00 in the
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evening at the d.c. convention center. services include hiv tests, cholesterol tests, and diabetes tests. you can call a telephone number for information. if you walk your bicycle on the woodrow wilson bridge korea, it will be closed from 9:00 in the morning until 3:00 in the afternoon -- if you walk your bicycle on the woodrow wilson bridge, it will be closed. virginia tax free back-to- school shopping is coming up. this will be without the 5% state sales tax. clothing and shoes cannot be more than $100 each. for more information on tax-free shopping, just go to our website, a key word back to school. training camp is under way.
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on saturday, it is fan appreciation day. the nationals are on the road this week. they will be on the road, and then they had to los angeles for the rest of the week, in d.c. united is on the road, as well. -- a and d.c. united is on the road, as well. -- and d.c. united. and in the movies, vote things do not go exactly as planned. also this week, "step up 3," " the disappearance of alice creed, " and others. coming up, find out when the new metro fares go into effect, coming up, find out when the new metro fares go into effect, [ female announcer ] wisk is about to change
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[ female announcer ] wisk is about to change the way you look at stains forever. discover the power of our stain spectrum technology in the new red bottle of wisk. coming august 2010. taking a look at our top stories, metro has delayed phase one, starting the fare increases one day later. rail fares for tomorrow will be the same ones that were in place. some people were stabbed after a fight broke out during a
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crab break in lanham at the fountaine bleu,. police dive teams found the body of a 46-year-old kayaker about 1 miles south from the belle haven marina. it is still not clear if he was wearing a life vest before he went under. and we are looking for more he can humidity. >> yes. -- more heat and humidity. a little bit of fog will develop during the early morning hours. three stops on our weatherbug network, our first stop in alexandria, 71 degrees after a high of 79.
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73 in the district, and our final stop rehoboth beach, 75 degrees the high, now 70. 82 will go on the books as our high temperature today, and the last time we had temperatures the school was back on july 1. cool wasratures this back on july 1. we tied the record for the hottest month of july. it has been hot out there. 74 degrees at this hour at reagan national airport. lots of heat and humidity to the south and west of us. tuesday, our daytime high temperatures back into the middle 90's. it will feel like 100 degrees. he watches and warnings in effect for the south. -- heat watches.
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satellite and radar, high pressure off of the coast, westerly winds. heat and humidity building across the gulf states. the showers have come to an end across the region. tomorrow, a nice warm-up. around 85, 86 degrees. the real heat will arrive by wednesday. mostly cloudy skies, 65 to 72 degrees. tomorrow, not so bad, winds out of the south, 5 to 10 miles per hour under mostly cloudy skies. showers and thunderstorms for the afternoon but only about a 20% to 30% chance we will see anything at all, near 85. there you have it.
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by tuesday, wednesday, and thursday, 93 to 95 degrees, the heat index making if you warmer than that, and the nighttime lows will hold in the 70's. cooler air, but a lot of hot stuff to come our way with august ahead. >> we will see what happens. all right, thanks. coming up on "washington weekly, " what happens when
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well, a cancer diagnosis is stressful, but when given to the parent of a little child, the stress sky rocket korean people are coping. we take a closer look at the impact on a local person. >> she knows what it is like to juggle cancer and motherhood. in 2008, just two weeks before her first baby was due, in the was diagnosed with stage 3 huskins lymphoma. -- hodgkins lymphoma. she decided to reduce labor. >> wondering what was going to happen. we go to the hospital, and i did not know if i would come home with one of them, two of them,
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or neither one of them. >> amy could barely breathe. 18% have a child under the age of 18, according to the first- ever population one estimate. data from the u.s. national survey found about 1.5 million cancer survivors are living with close to 3 million children under age 18. >> it is hard enough to be a young parent. >> a university of maryland medical center patient looks at how to talk to a child about losing hair during treatment. >> their energy levels and how to take care of their kids. >> support fair their children and other cancer patients with children to understand the extra challenges. amy got support like this and from her family's, and it has made a big difference,
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especially when she got unexpectedly pregnant three months after completing treatment. fortunately, the new baby, the six-month-old, is healthy. and now, the cancer survivor is counting her blessings. >> i am just lucky. >> researchers point out it only includes children of living cancer survivors. they suspect the number of children under 18 his parents have died of the illness could be roughly 65,000. alison starling, abc7 news.
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all right, you will be seeing double in one ohio town as there is the annual twins festival. it will be august 6 spam 8 to be the largest, and there will be a western theme. taking a look at what is going on outside with our extended outlook, 86 degrees for the high tomorrow. we will see lower 90's on tuesday, may 90's on wednesday and thursday, and then we expect tuesday, may 90's on wednesday and thursday, and then we expect
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